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supportWhere can I get support services?

You can contact the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce if you require assistance. Simply enter your question and someone will respond as soon as possible.

supportForgot your Password?

Are you having difficulties logging in? Do you need to recover your password? No problem. Simply click on the "forgot password" link under where you would type in your username and password. Enter your email address... and your password will be sent to you via email.

supportYour Account Home

After you log in, you will land on your Account Home page. From here, you have access to EDIT your account information, upload or change your profile image, view your order history (if applicable) and view and edit your listing data (each Account Home may appear slightly different).


supportEdit Your Account

Here you can update your Account Contact and Social Media Information. This is your account with the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce and is viewable ONLY by its Staff and yourself and to be used for business correspondence only. Should you wish for your information to be displayed publicly or by other members only, you have the option to change your privacy settings from within your Account. Otherwise, the data entered here is NOT VISIBLE to guests/visitors to the site. Here you can also change your username and password as well as your company contact information and mailing address.

If you want the same information to be populated on your public Business Directory Listing ... then make sure that this check box is checked! If you want to have the ability to add, edit and control different information in your business directory listing (ex. Contact Info different than the primary business contact in the account or perhaps you don't want some information to should at all such as email address) then you would want this field to be UNCHECKED so that you have greater control over your field data in your Business Directory Listing.
supportAdd Your Profile Image

As a member, you will be able to upload a profile image that will display in your directory listing or when members view your account contact data. This can be a logo or picture of your business. To upload your own logo or picture, simply click on the BROWSE to upload directly from your desktop, crop as required and activate by clicking the ADD PROFILE IMAGE link. Alternatively, you can choose from a number of stock photos already pre-loaded for you or upload a few of your own profile images and change which one you want to use.


supportEdit your Business Listings

Your LISTING is like your YELLOW PAGES ad to visitors to the site. As a standard member you are able to add a business listing that includes your business name, contact info, location, a 500 character description, a Member2Member offering. Your listing will also have a Google map of your business location and the ability to choose up to 3 business categories. You only enter the information you want to show to the public. Ex. if you don't want your email to be displayed, refer back to the 'Edit Your Account' description under 'Syncing' - DO NOT DELETE the information from your account, only from your directory listing. This will ensure the chamber still has your contact information.
If you are a current member, your LISTING was added to the site to support the new website launch. This listing data was imported from the member database. However, it is simple to update and change. Once you are on your LISTINGS page, scroll to the MY LISTINGS block, CLICK on the listing name. You will be navigated to your listing display. In the ACTION BLOCK (as shown on the left), CLICK EDIT to update your description, tags, categories, member2member discount offer and business contact info (only if you have first unsynced your account as outlined in the 'Edit Your Account' description above). Remember, if you don't want information to display to the public, just leave the field blank.

supportWhat are tags?

Tags are single descriptive words that you enter into the Tags field in your Business Directory Listing! If you are a basic member and limited to a 500 character business description they are also your new best friend as in addition to pulling from the description, all searches on the site also pull from this field. So brainstorm all the words that will lead someone to you and go wild!

supportPremium Membership Listing Details (may not apply to all chambers)

NOT a Premium Member Yet? As a premium member, you will have all of the same business listing info as a basic member, however, your description and Member2Member block now has a full WYSIWYG editor (which means you can format the font, change the font color, add links, upload files and photos, all in your unlimited description area). The WYSIWYG editor is simple and easy to use. Turn your business listing into a mini-web page and really promote your business to visitors to the site, this is great for businesses that do not have a website. PLUS now you can add embedded videos to really showcase your business! You can also have multiple listings to promote different aspects of your business. Check out this SAMPLE PREMIUM MEMBER! Contact the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce to UPGRADE!

supportI am an Employee ... what does that mean and what can I do?

Employees are other people/staff that are part of another business. The system is designed to allow for individuals to join and either be the primary contact on the account with the ability to add and edit a business directory listing ... or for individuals to be employees of another member. As an employee, you have the ability to have an account and profile image online; however, you do not have the ability to have a business directory listing. The primary contact is responsible for maintaining the business directory listing for the business. As an employee, you can take advantage of the social networking features and connect with other members, join events and participate in committees. To assign yourself as an associate of a business ... first make sure you are signed in and then go to that business directory listing. In the ACTION BLOCK, click on the "Become Employee" button ... ta da! You are now an associate of that business. The primary contact has the ability to manage their employees and can remove or add employees at any time.

supportHow do I connect with other members?

connectTo connect with members, all you need to do is click on the little circle on the top right corner of their profile image. profileonlineNow you can network with other members online with the integrated social networking features. Contact, connect, fave, or even send them a quick greeting ... all from the action block. You can see which members are online and even chat with them if they are!

supportWhat does this bottom menu do?

This is your member menu. On the left side, you can change your Presence to ONLINE, OFFLINE, AWAY and BUSY and you can also add a Status Message which displays on your account when viewed by other members. On the right side, is your notification area. You can quickly see if you have internal mail, general notifications of members/guests who have viewed your account, see if you have any new Connections requests and to quickly see if you have any online Connections and finally you can control some of your privacy settings.

supportHow to add an event?

You must be logged into your account to add an event. If you do not have an account, you may be required to first set up a community member account.

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